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Are You a Bag Cat? The Bags You Should Know


Bags generally divided into several categories by style, material, functional.

By Style: women's bags, men's bags, handbags, travel bags, student bags, climbing bags and more than these.

By Material: cloth bags, leather bags, PVC bags, EVA bags, canvas bags, unarmed cloth bags, PU bags and so on.

By Function: computer bags, briefcases, digital bags, photographic bags, medical bags, cosmetics, musical instrument bags, cooler bag, diaper bag, gym bag, fishing bags.

By Luggage: lever boxes, toolboxes, suitcases, suitcases, EVA boxes and other bags according to the style of different, can be divided into: time bags, dinner bags, make-up bags, jewelry boxes, briefcases, wallet, computer bags, climbing bags, backpacks, purses, pullers, travel bags, silver bags and so on.

The materials used in the bag are: leather, PVC/PU, microfiber, nylon, polyester, canvas, velvet cloth

Accessories: rivet, zipper, zipper puller, piping, webbing, binding, woven label, embroidery, rubber label, silk printing, embroidery, key hook, trim, sticker, velcro, trolley.

Construction: front pocket, side pocket, handle, straps, pad, padded foam shoulders strap, pocket flap, blowhole buckle, hardware. One image to tell you more.

Let’s share the fabric, hardware, and plastic soon next time.

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